I was born in winter in a small miner's town in Tula region. Mother, a teacher of Russian and Literature, would tell my brother and me about writers and poets, and read out a lot of fairy tales and classics. Father would sing romances accompanying himself on guitar or piano. Grandmother painted oriental beauties and fruit patterns, which I colored with pleasure. Brother copied pictures from magazines - of bloodthirsty pirates or Sioux and Hurons wearing war bonnets paddling in canoes, down on the warpath carrying bows, spears and tomahawks... I enjoyed watching him work standing behind his chair. Then we moved to Moscow and I became an Artist.

Pertaining to my painting, FORM acquires two meanings: The first one relates to the common realistic concept, that is, a man is perceived as a man, a chair -- as a chair. The second is an abstract one, which presupposes a constant change of correlation between colour and form of objects at a certain angle of view as well as illumination. That's where the transformation occurs: man appears to be not quite the entity it used to be but a combination of colourful geometrical figures; be it a still life or landscape, they are no longer just a number of objects but SPACE, subject to interminable change and transformation due to the light and shade effect. The combination of realistic and abstract approach can potentially expand or shrink a given space altering our viewpoint about it. It is not that the non-figurative is implied here, it's fair to say that it's more likely about an extension of the meaning of FORM, a balance between its realistic and abstract essence. Achieving this balance enables me to explore new dimensions and perspectives of FORM.


Group exhibition
of Moscow's young painters
(St. Petersburg)

Solo exhibition
at The Screen Internet Club, Moscow

Solo еasel painting exhibition
at Listok Gallery, Moscow

"Butovo Talents" Solo Exhibition
at Listok Gallery, Moscow

Group exhibition:
"Self-portrait Against Current Events Backdrop"
at Listok Gallery, Moscow

Participation in "Love" Exhibition presented
by The Monumental Art Branch of Moscow Artists Union

Congress Hall Exhibition
at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management,
presented by Nove Art Gallery

"In Memory of Sergey Kuskov"
Exhibition, at A3 Gallery

A number of works are part of private collections in Russia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Germany and The U.S.

Follow the link to enjoy my paintings, sketches and drawings of landscape, still life and other genre compositions (click on image):



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